111 Academic Year Exam Entrance Re-examination List and Announcement of Relevant Regulations

111 Announcement of the re-examination list for the school year exam: 10 (sort by candidate number):

6040002    6040005    6040007    6040010 6040011    6040013    6040014    6040016    6040020 6040026

Regulations on the re-examination and interview of the 111 English Teaching Institute Examination

(※ Candidates can go to the Online Registration and Inquiry System to inquire about the “Candidate Number”).

Please attend the re-examination interview on March 18, 111 (Friday) as required. Those who fail to participate in the re-examination will be deemed to have given up.

◎ Please refer to the following instructions for the re-examination process arrangement:

Check-in time for candidates   : 11:00 ~11:50 Deadline for registration


Tea Party for Candidates Discussion   : 12:00 ~12:50

Announce the interview order   : 12:50 ~13:00

Official interview time   : 13:00 start

  1. Candidates should bring their ID cards (original) to register within the specified time.
  2. Written review materials will not be accepted on the day of the interview. (Mailing of written materials: postmark before 3/4 (inclusive))
  3. Any questions, please contact the Office of the Institute of English Teaching:

Address: Room 304, 3rd Floor, Renshe Building 3, No. 1001 Daxue Road (Guangfu Campus), Hsinchu City

  Tel: 03-5712121 ext 52778  Miss Chen

  Email: coreychen@nycu.edu.tw

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