101 academic year, the first semester of English teaching promotion education master’s credit class

101 academic year first semester, the National Chiao Tung University English Teaching Research Institute “English Teaching Promotion Education Master’s Credit Course” Admissions Guide

Course purpose: To provide English teachers with further education channels in English teaching, and to set up courses combined with the latest English teaching development trend theory and practice will help their professional development in the field of English teaching.
Enrollment target: college graduates or above, engaged in English teaching workers (relevant in-service certificates must be attached for registration).
Enrollment number: The maximum number of students in each class is 3, and the system of additional study is adopted. The top 3 students will be admitted according to the order of registration.
Duration of courses: according to the school calendar for the 101 academic year, from September 17, 101 to January 18, 102.
Class time: Classes are held once a week, 3 hours each time, for a total of 54 hours (18 weeks).
Class venue: Classroom of the Comprehensive Building 1, Guangfu Campus, Jiaotong University.  
Courses, classes and credits offered:

上課時間(every Monday)
(Every tuesday)
(Every tuesday)
(every Wednesday)
(every Thursday)

ShiouWen Yeh(英語教學研究所專任教授)       
ChingFen Chang(英語教學研究所專任副教授)                                                     
LuChun Lin(英語教學研究所專任助理教授)  
Stephanie W. Cheng(英語教學研究所專任助理教授)      
ShuMin Lin(英語教學研究所專任助理教授) 
Fees: Three credits per course, 5,000 yuan per credit, excluding book fees and vehicle tolls.          
*Eligibility Criteria: The charging standard is based on the student status at the time of registration and payment.            
*The refund standard is in accordance with the “Implementation Measures for the Promotion of Education in Colleges and Above Schools”, 70% of the fee will be refunded from the time of payment to the actual class day, 50% of the fee will be refunded if the amount is less than one-third from the actual class day, and the class time exceeds 60%. Weeks will not be refunded. (Please keep the original receipt, otherwise it will not be processed) 

Credit credit: According to the school’s credit credit method, the credit class will not confer a degree, but the credit certificate granted by the class can be obtained. In the future, if you study in the master’s program of the relevant research institutes of the school, after obtaining the student status according to the law, the subjects and credits that have been passed may be recognized according to the regulations of each department.
Application period: July 2, 101 (Mon) to July 31, 101 (Tue)
Registration method: After completing the online registration, transfer the money with the ATM transfer account.
Note for registration: Please send the employment certificate email to corey@mail.nctu.edu.tw or fax to (03)573-9033 (please specify to Ms. Chen)
Contact: (03) 5712121-52778 Miss Chen
E-mail: corey@mail.nctu.edu.tw