104 Academic Year English Teaching Lectures

  • Title: 104 Academic Year English Teaching Seminar    
  • Activity Date: 2015/11/10
  •  Activity Description :
< td>105.2.17< td>NCTU TESOL READING CLUB sees the beauty in life-Talking about picture book Huang Xiaoyin with a children’s book translator teacher
Lecture DateThematic Lecture Schedule
104.10.27Scaffolding Interaction From peripheral to central participants in rural English classroomsZhuang Huirong&nbsp ;Teacher
104.11.17Teaching Second Language Listening : What can we learn from research finding?Qian Qingxiang, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Xingwu University of Science and Technology  Professor
104.11.17Open Education and Languagr Teaching Open Education and Language Teaching Taichung City Dongshan High School Digital Learning Group Head of Li Haishuo teacher< /td>
104.12.22NCTU TESOL READING CLUB Title: Remember This Reading Lesson Author: Yang Zhilang
NCTU TESOL READING CLUB Title: Three Years of Happy Teaching in Middle School Author: Mu Yuxuan
105.4.25Gender equality Propaganda course from the movie Love at the Break of Dawn Talking about the Magic of Relationships Lecturer: Huang Baiwei Teacher
105.4.25Granted Education Aspects of the National Chen Zhaoyi Professor, Department of Special Education, National Taiwan Normal University
105.5.2Bootstrapping Method for Successful Scholarly Assistant Professor, Center for Humanities and Social Education, National Yang Ming University Dr. Ba rry Lee Reynolds
105.6.13Tackling the complexities of Designing Online Literacy Circles for Graduate-Level Course Where Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State UniversityAssistant Professor  Yi-Chun Hong
105.6.13My thoughts on studying and seeking employment Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State UniversityAssistant Professor  Yi-Chun Hong

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