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Department introduction


As a response to the need of English teacher education which can integrate language teaching theory and practice with the latest educational technology, the Master of Arts degree program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) was first established in 2003 as a division of Graduate Institute of Linguistics and Cultural Studies. Two years later (in 2005), it became one of the few TESOL graduate institutes in Taiwan.The institute aims to advance the development of a comprehensive and up-to-date English teacher training program, providing TESOL practitioners and would-be-practitioners with invaluable opportunities and resources for active engagement in research and practicum to further their studies and career.


The curriculum offered in the Graduate Institute of TESOL covers areas such as TESOL Methodology, Theory of Language Acquisition and Language Assessment, one of its main features being the opening of courses such as Computer Assisted Language Learning and English for Science and Technology: Pedagogy and Research, which not only ties closely with the development of domestic technology industry but also makes good use of the plentiful research resources available here in National Chiao Tung University. Such distinct characteristic allows graduate students to grasp the trend of English teaching in the E generation, and they are also able to integrate the most updated theory learned into their teaching practices. Additionally, with related courses offered in the Graduate Institute of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, students are able to immerse in the academic atmosphere and reach out to broader research directions.

Purpose and objectives


  • To offer an avenue for further studies and research in English teaching.
  • To offer diverse curriculum that integrate both theory and technology in response to the latest development in English teaching.
  • To develop research features in English teaching that are closely in tie with related research in technology.


  • To optimize the quality and effects and English teaching.
  • To explore the latest theory in English teaching in the hope of innovating TESOL methodologies and curriculum design.
  • To develop teaching practices as well as research in computer assisted language learning that integrates the latest educational technology.

Space and equipment

Our TESOL Institute has one Institute-customized classroom, one discussion and seminar-holding room, and many other classrooms which we have user-priority. The Institute-customized classroom as well as discussion and seminar-holding room provide air conditioner, relevant equipment for visual and audio needs, computer, overhead projector, and internet, etc. In addition, recently our TESOL Institute has one digital language classroom designed which provides positive effects on the teaching and research of computer-assisted language learning. There are three study rooms for graduate students including one for first-year graduate students, one for second-year students, and one for student discussion.

There is a small-sized section of reference books placed in the study room, and students of our Institute are welcomed to use. There are more sources of academic and teaching-related reference books collected in the Self-study center and the main library in order to meet students’ learning needs. As regards journals, each year our Institute subscribes more than forty TESOL-related journals, and most of them include electronic versions.

Administrative Staff (Contact)

Corey Chen
Tel  :886-3-571-2121 #52778
Fax  : 886-3-573-9033
Email  : corey@mail.nctu.edu.tw