Lin, Shumin – Professor & Chair

Phone : 52766


Education:PhD in Educational Psychology, Certificate: Multidisciplinary Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests:sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, critical applied linguistics,
language and identity, language ideology, language socialization,multilingualism and translanguaging, sociolinguistics of aging,dementia and discourse, human-social robot communication,discourse analysis, narrative, ethnographic research methods

Sun, Yu-Chih Professor

Phone:03-5712121 ext. 52755


Education:Ph.D., University of Kansas

Research Interests:Plagiarism in Academic Writing, Content and Language Integrated Learning, Computer-assisted Language Learning

Professional Title:Professor, Vice Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences & Chairman


Yeh, Shiou-WenProfessor

Phone : 52738


Education:Ph.D., Learning Design and Technology, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Purdue University, USA

Research Interests:Computer-assisted Language Learning/Language Learning Strategies/Reading and Writing Instruction


Chang, Ching-Fen – Associate Professor


E-mail:cfchang@nctu.edu.tw; cfchang@nycu.edu.tw

Education:Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington

Research Intersts:Digital technologies and second language teaching and learning, second language writing, writing for academic purposes, game-based language learning, informal language learning and learner autonomy.


Lin, Lu-ChunAssociate Professor



Education:Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Science & Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education

Research Interests:Children Language and Literacy Development / Reading Instruction /Applied Phonology / TESOL

Professional Title:Associate Professor


Cheng, Stephanie WeijungAssociate Professor

Phone : 52759


Education:Ph.D., The University of Iowa

Research Interests:Interlanguage and Cross-cultural Pragmatics, Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, English for Academic Purposes, Corpus-based Analysis of Academic and Everyday Discourse


Yang, Fang-Ying -Contract-Based Assistant Professor

Phone : 03-5712121 #50130


Education:Ph.D., in Speech and Hearing Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests:Learner autonomy, Teaching English listening and speaking, Academic writing, Bilingual reading development


Chang, Yueh-chingContract-Based Assistant Professor



Education:Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, CA.

Research Interests: Second Language Curriculum and Instruction Sociocultural Theories and Second Language Learning Language and Identity Translingual and Transcultural Communication Qualitative Research