105-1 Lectures on English Teaching

  • Event Title: 105-1 English Teaching Seminar
  • Event Date: 2016/12/20
  • Event Description:
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Lecture DateThematic Lecture Schedule
105.9.1English as a Medium for AdministrationInternationalizationUniversity Administrator’s Physical English Southampton, UK Chris Sinclair, Director of the University’s International Office, Faculty of Modern Linguistics, and Robert Baird, Faculty of Modern Linguistics and Global English Studies, University of Southampton, UK
105.9.2~105.9.3< /td>Teaching in Higher Education through the Medium of English(I)(II) English Teaching Skills for Higher Education Specialties Director, International Office, University of Southampton, UK, Chris Sinclair, Department of Modern Linguistics, University of Southampton, UK Department and Center for Global English Studies Robert Baird
105.9.5~105.9.6Professional &Languane Development for English Language TeachersEnglish Teacher Professional and Language of Instruction Growth  E-learning/Blended Learning Materials and Course Development Digital and Blended Learning Materials Language Course Design and Robert Baird, teacher at the Center for Global English Studies
105.9.5Dos & Don’ts in EMI for New Faculty English-taught study for new teachers  Chris Sinclair, Director, International Office, University of Southampton, UK, Faculty of Modern Linguistics Instructional Video Production Institute of Audiovisual Recording and Image Maintenance, School of Audiovisual Arts, National Tainan University of the Arts Li Zhengjia teacher 
105.10.31A Journey to Taiper Cooc Cloud : A Project Manager and Material Designer’s Experience Taipei Chung Cheng High School Chen Hongwei&nbsp ;Teacher
105.11.14Flapping the English Classroom : Concepts and Examples of International Project-Bases Learning Jianhan Chen  Assistant Professor
105.11.1English as a Lingua FrancaRethinking concepts and approachesUniversity of Southampton,UKDR. Robert Baird
105.11. 22Instructional Video Production (II) Li Zhengjia Teacher

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