110 Academic Year Master’s Entrance Exam Change Time Notice (Please note to re-exam candidates)

March 19, 110 (Fri) Notice of Change of Interview Time for English Language Teaching Institute Examination

 Retest candidates please note the following changes to the registration time and arrangement:

 Date & Place   : 110 Year  3 Month 19 (Friday) Room 3 

  Interview Process:

  1. Registration time for re-examination candidates: 10:30 ~ 11:30  (Please bring the original ID card for registration, 11:30 The deadline for registration; those who fail to report will be deemed to have given up)
  2. Director Symposium with candidates: 11:40 ~ 12:40  (The office prepares a lunch box for candidates)
  3. Announcement of candidates interview order: 12:40 ~ 12:50  
  4. Retest Interview start time: 13:00 ~ 

  If you have any questions, please contact the office: Ms. Chen: 03-5712121 ext. 52778

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