Reminder of matters needing attention when registering for the master class of the Institute of English Teaching in the 110 academic year

◎  Reminders for registration of the master class of the Institute of English Teaching in the 110 academic year

Please close on April 110 16th (Friday) 10:00~12:00 or 13:30~15:00 Registration will be done at the third hall of Human Society, Guangfu Campus  Room 304 on the 3rd floor, those who fail to report after 15:00 will be considered to give up the admission qualification.

※ 4/16 Please bring the following information when registering:

1. The original copy of the graduation certificate and a photocopy (For fresh graduates who have not received the graduation certificate, they can fill in the closing letter for registration. ” href=”” target=”_blank”>

2.   The original and a copy of the ID card.

3.   2 2-inch half-length photos  (please write your name on the back).

4. If you have any questions, please contact the office: Miss Chen Tel:03-5712121 Ext. 52778

Single entry : Click “Yangming Jiaotong University” – “Course Information” – “General Course Selection System”.
3. The school’s compulsory courses:
(1) Academic and Research Ethics Education Course
Online Course Website: “Taiwan Academic Ethics Education Resource Center”  website
Account: Student ID. Password: The last five codes of the default student number
If you have any login problems, please contact the Teaching Development Center  Ms. Lin Weichen  #50129
(2) Gender Equality Education Online Training Course
Online Course Website:
If you have any questions about the course, please contact the on-campus extension   Miss Liu  #31909
Students of our school are required to study on our online teaching platform in the first semester of admission This course
, those who fail to pass the standard can retake the online test on the platform again. Students who fail to complete
for some reason must complete the coursework before graduation before graduation. Coursework Group 50421-
50425 credit credits please apply before the end of the second week after the semester starts 1. Those who intend to apply for credit credits, please check the application form, prepare the transcripts
or credit certificates of the original school, and go to each review unit for review and signature → send it to the department. Preliminary review → The system will send it to the registration team for review and then log in to the student record system.
II. Please refer to the website of the Registration Group for details of the relevant regulations on credits. For the credit application form, please visit the website  SJTU Campus< /strong>Download and apply within two weeks of the start of the semester. Registration Group 31999 Physical Examination 9/10 (full day) and 9/11 (first half day) 1. Physical examination instructions:
Please be sure to check the detailed announcement again  1-2 weeks before the event period to the website of the Health Care Group – latest news, (this group reserves the right to change the last event ) .
(1) The undertaking hospital for this academic year: subject to the announcement on the website of the Health Protection Group
(2) Target: All freshmen in the first semester of the 110 academic year (enrolled in August 2011, including general students , transfer students, transfer students, returning students and overseas students)
(3) Place of physical examination: National Yangming Jiaotong University – Auditorium of Jiaotong University Campus
(4) Physical examination fee: according to the website of the Health Protection Group Announcement, the hospital is responsible for the payment on the day of the inspection.
(Five) Inspection time: September 10 (Friday-full day) and 11 (Saturday-first half day)
Please be sure to come to the school for inspection according to the time of the department and bring your ID card
/strong> to reduce the time required for the medical examination process.
*Please be sure to go to the Admissions Guide for Freshmen → Maintenance of Freshman Information → Fill in the Freshman Health Questionnaire (open on 110/05) → Print/Screenshot The certificate of completion of the questionnaire will be issued on the day of the physical examination Show the form for the medical examination staff to check and confirm → pay the fee → collect the student health material card and complete the examination and return it, and then the freshman medical examination procedure is completed.
II. Precautions for physical examination:                    ;                          ;                          ;       
(1) The day before the physical examination, please take a light diet, no alcohol, stimulants, or foods that are too sweet or greasy.
(2) Fast time for self-examination time 6-8 hours forward, such as 8:00 am Examination , fasting at 12 o’clock the night before; checking at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, fasting at 6 o’clock in the morning, and drinking plain water during the fasting period.
(3) Pregnant women or those suspected of being pregnant should not take X-rays.
(4) Please remove metal objects from your body when taking X-rays. Women can wear sports underwear without steel ring
to facilitate inspection.
(5) On the day of the physical examination, please follow the instructions of the medical staff to complete each physical examination process, and return the physical examination card at the physical examination
3. Institute-new student physical examination schedule:
September Month 10 Day (Friday-full day) and September 11 Sunday (Saturday-first half day)
Please be sure to follow the department Please check in for the physical examination at the time of registration. For the detailed schedule, please visit the website of the Health Protection Team or
Admission Guidelines for Freshmen – Physical Examination for Freshmen.
If there is a typhoon on the day of the physical examination and work and classes in Hsinchu City are closed, the physical examination date will be postponed by one
4. Instructions for paying the medical examination card for those who have physical examinations on their own/existing medical examination reports:
Student Health Examination Form
(1) Cannot participate in school physical examination activities , for students who want to undergo a physical examination/have a medical examination report, please complete the following items before the start of the semester:
1. Complete the freshmen health questionnaire.
2. Fill the value of the physical examination report into the student health data card.
3. The student health information card and the copy of the physical examination results, and hand in/mail to Ms. Huang of the Health Care Section of the 1 Building of the Administration Building for collection. Only after January 1, 2011 and meet the following inspection requirements, the photocopy of the medical examination report (the general physical examination for laborers and military service physical examination reports cannot be redeemed due to inconsistencies in the items). The deadline is September 30, 2011 to complete the payment of the student health information card.
(2) Specialized health examination institutions in each campus of our school, for students to choose for reference, there are no rigid rules 1. Kaixin Clinic Professional Health Examination Center (special appointment)
(2)  strong>
2. Tainan Municipal Hospital B1 Health Checkup Center (Special Appointment)
※Please make an appointment in advance and bring ID card and National Yangming Transportation University on the day of the checkup strong> School-Student Health Card.
※For detailed inspection precautions and charges, please refer to the announcement of the Health Inspection Center.
※For detailed precautions for each special hospital or to add special institutions, Please go to Health Insurance Health Group Physical Examination Area-Newborn Physical Examination.
(3) The physical examination items for freshmen include:
1. General physical examination items: oral examination, height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, vision (naked or corrected), color blindness, hearing , family physician consultation.
2. Urine routine examination (urine protein, urine sugar, occult blood, pH value).
3. Routine blood tests: hemoglobin, white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, hematocrit ratio (Hct), mean blood cell volume (MCV).
4. Biochemical tests: liver function (SGPT, SGOT), cholesterol, blood urea nitrogen, muscle acid anhydride, uric acid, triglycerides, high density cholesterol, low density cholesterol.
5. Hepatitis B Screening: Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Surface Antibody.
6. X-ray examination: chest (35cm X 43cm large film). Guardian Team 51104 Military Service From May ~before school starts Male Students must complete the service status registration on the freshman information maintenance page, so as not to receive a solicitation order or mobilization call during the semester. Select “Not serving” or “Serving” in the status; those who click “Not serving” will apply for a deferral of military service; those who have clicked “Serving”, please go to the military service system of the military training room after the start of school registration. Substitute service) upload the service certificate, so as to facilitate handling of matters such as the convening of the standing service and the reserve service of the alternate service.
2. Please fill in the detailed household address (must be exactly the same as the address bar on the back of the ID card) and postal code in the “Communication Information” item of the New Student Admission Guidelines webpage.
3. After school registration, you can link to the military service login system, check whether all the fields of personal information are filled correctly, and upload various image files of supporting documents to confirm the completion of military service login Operation.
Fourth, please refer to the matters related to the postponement of military service and the full call< br>For application examples, please refer to
5. For questions about military service deferral and full-call application, please contact: E-mail  ,
Tel 03-5712121  ext. 50714. Military Training Instructor Room 50714 Student Turbine Parking Permit 1.110 School Year Students Please refer to  The latest news on the Garrison Police websiteNews for the application period for parking permits for motor vehicles and motorcycles.
2. Campus Parking Permit Application System: Garrison 50092 Personal Data Protection Instructions

1. The student registration information of our school is permanently stored. According to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, we collect, process and use it within the scope necessary to perform statutory duties.
2. For changes of name, gender, ID card number, birthday, household registration address, and mailing address, please go to the registration group website -> various application forms, download the application form for the change of student status, and submit the application for the relevant supporting documents.
3. Students’ enquiries about their student status and grades during their studies can be accessed through the “Single Portal of Campus System” website click “Yangming Jiaotong University”→link to “Student Status Score System” query.

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